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California Wheat Commission Board

The California Wheat Commission is comprised of nine wheat producers, two handlers, two at-large members, and one public member -- each with alternates. List of Board Members.

Producer and handler members are elected, whereas at-large and public members are appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.

A qualified producer member or alternate is defined as any person who is engaged within this state in the business of producing wheat for market during any of the preceding three marketing seasons, and who resides or conducts farming operations in the district in which the election is to be held.

Handler members are elected by their fellow handlers.

Each Commissioner-at-Large member is a person with knowledge, expertise, and interest in wheat production, handling, or research, or has other attributes that are deemed by the secretary to be of value to the purpose of the commission. The public member, often from a food or processing company, cannot have any personal financial interest in wheat.

Involvement in the California Wheat Commission enables board members to set policies and programs that promote the state's wheat industry.  Commission officers also take an active role in national wheat organizations and wheat policymaking bodies.