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Nutrition and Other Wheat Related "Grains of Truth" Fact Sheets

Wheat Foods Council has developed these printable fact sheets on nutrition and other wheat-related topics.  Other fact sheets related to wheat foods can be found here.

wheat kernels
Baking Ingredients
Baking Terms
Biotechnology Fact Sheet
Bread Machines
Folic Acid
Folic Acid Consumption
Folic Acid - General Consumer
Folic Acid - Pregnancy
Gluten Intolerance and Wheat Allergies
Nutrition for Athletes
Pasta Maker
Purchasing a Bread Machine
Resistant Starch
Vegetarian Diets
Wheat Facts
Wheat Flour
Wheat Kernels
Wheat Nutrition
Wheat Production and Consumption
White Wheat

Grains: Groundwork to Good Nutrition
Fact sheets, recipes, menus and tips that show how grains fit into the MyPyramid scheme.