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CWC Lab Activities

California Wheat Commission Teng Vang Milling Baking Lab

The CWC Milling and Baking Quality Lab is on the go with different projects and activities. In the picture is Claudia Carter, Lab Director, making cinnamon rolls. Please come back often to see our latest activities. We will be posting pictures and updates of the CWC Lab.

Bread Milling Baking Teng Vang
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Lab assistant, Teng Vang, in the process of making bread. Our Lab has the privilege to have him as our experienced baker.  He has being in several courses to learn more about the art of making bread and determining the highest wheat quality for obtaining the best bread.

Artisan Bread California Wheat Commission
Teng Vang baked Artisan Bread

Teng was trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) and learned artisan bread making, He learned the techniques, formulations, and preparation of the dough for making artisan breads. He knows how to determine and score for crust and crumb quality as well as flavor.

Bread california wheat
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At the CWC Lab making cinnamon rolls and other products. They were made by using our California Wheat.

Pasta Processing extrusion Califorania
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Pasta extrusion process. Processing pasta samples made of 100% durum wheat as well as 100% whole wheat from our California wheat. Processing a new type of wheat for whole wheat pasta.

Pizza whole wheat flour California
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California Wheat Commission Lab trying different flour for pizza using white flour as well as whole wheat flour. Brittany (Ph.D student from UC Davis) helping us for our sensory test.

scones whole wheat california
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Experimenting with flavors: Cranberry and white chocolate scones, and Blueberry scones. Scones made with whole wheat flour. Great taste!

california visitors trade teams

California Wheat Commission is open to visitors interested in learning more about California Wheat and our Lab.