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USDA Wheat Research

The Western Regional Research Center conducts mission-oriented research to enhance the healthfulness of foods; to develop new food and industrial products from renewable resources; and to protect and enhance the quality of the environment. The results of these research efforts are implemented through the effective transfer of new and innovative technologies to appropriate clients and users.  The Western Regional Research Center is located at 800 Buchanan Street, Albany CA 94710.  

USDA - ARS Western Wheat Quality Laboratory in Pullman, Washington conducts cooperative investigations with breeders, geneticists and pathologists in the seven western states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington) to evaluate the milling and baking quality characteristics of wheat selections produced each crop year. The laboratory also conducts basic research into the biochemical and genetic basis of wheat quality in order to better understand the fundamental nature of end-use functionality

Directory of USDA Researchers