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California wheat harvest

CA Wheat Commission Research Meeting

Video Presentations Recorded December 5, 2013
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Legislative and Regulatory Update - State and Federal Issues affecting Wheat Growers
Nick Matteis, California Association of Wheat Growers
Duration: 0:19

UC Public Wheat Breeding Program Update
Jorge Dubcovsky, UC Davis
Duration: 0:24

Testing Current and New Varieties for Quality, Yield and Disease Resistance
Phil Mayo, UC Davis
Duration: 0:11

Seeding Rate/Planting date Effect on Spring Wheat Yield
Steve Orloff, UCCE Siskiyou
Duration: 0:21

Evaluating Spring Wheat Variety Performance in Organic Environments
Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance
Duration: 0:22

Nitrogen Management to Maximize Yield and Protein in the Intermountain Region
Steve Orloff, UCCE Siskiyou
Duration: 0:20

Effect of N Fertilization Practices on Wheat Protein Content in SJ Valley
Steve Wright, UCCE Kings/Tulare
Duration: 0:17

Impact of N Fertilization Treatments on Residual Soil Nitrate Accumulation
Bob Hutmacher, WSRC Field Station Director
Duration: 0:26

Weed Management in California Wheat
Steve Wright, UCCE Kings/Tulare
Duration: 0:15

Use of Chlorophyll Meters to Assess Nitrogen Fertilization
Brian Marsh, UCCE Kern
Duration: 0:17

Wheat Field Variation and Nitrogen Fertilization Practices
Michael E. Tarter, Prof. of Biostatistics, UCB
Duration: 0:18