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May 1, 2012. In Summer 2012, Shepherd's Grain - a consortium of family grain growers - is offering regional bakeries a new, superior, Southern California-grown flour. Shepherd's Grain Imperial White flour is the first sustainably grown, locally produced, commercially available flour to feature a California-grown label. Most commercial mills bring in wheat grown in other states and blend it with California wheat to meet the demand of the California market. Shepherd's Grain Imperial White is grown, milled and distributed completely within California.

Shepherd's Grain wheat is raised following sustainable, environmentally sound practices supported and verified by the Food Alliance ( These practices include water conservation, habitat preservation and air quality management. The local growers are inspected and certified by the Food Alliance to ensure compliance with these innovative and environmentally conscious farming practices.

Each flour bag is traceable to the farms that grew the wheat, assuring bakers of quality and safety, and making a clear connection between farm and plate. "Most wheat farmers are unaware of where their wheat goes once it leaves the field," said farmer Larry Hunn, Chairman of the California Wheat Commission. "Providing a connection between growers, millers, bakers, and end consumers benefits everyone along the way." Shepherd's Grain provides the first traceable flour available to California bakers through commercial channels.

"We are very happy that Shepherd's Grain has contracted with California growers to raise and market this environmentally-friendly, traceable flour to regional markets," says Janice Cooper, Executive Director of the California Wheat Commission. "We are seeing ever-growing interest among consumers to know where their food comes from. This flour provides bakers with a new way to meet this demand."

Bakeries throughout the Los Angeles region will be able to purchase this initial harvest on a limited basis. Following successful sales and reviews of the flour, Shepherd's Grain growers will increase production of this locally grown wheat during the 2012 growing season for expanded sales to restaurants, bakeries and other users.

Southern Californian bakers and consumers will soon experience the enhanced flavor and environmental advantages of sustainably grown, locally-produced flour in their breads, pastries and other baked goods, thanks to Shepherd's Grain and California wheat growers.

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