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Notice & Agenda for April 9 Commission Board Meeting

Posted on 3/29/2013

I.   Opening Business
    A. Call to Order
    B. Roll Call
    C. Introduction of Guests
    D. Approval of Agenda
    E. Approval of December 12, 2012 Meeting Minutes

II.  Reports
    A. Commissioner Reports
    B. Referendum Results
    C. UC Research Overview - Jorge Dubcovsky
    D. Update on UCCE Advisor and Specialist Positions
    E. Committee Report regarding Bylaw and Policy Changes
    F. Lab Director Search Status
    G. Staff Reports

III. FY 12/13 Financial Report
    A. Assessment History
    B. Lab Income including value of non-billed services
    C. FY 12/13 Income/Expense Report and Cash Flow Statement

IV. FY 13/14 Budget Proposal
    A. Overall Budget Proposal
    B. Research Proposal
    C. Marketing Plan

V. Closed Session
Closed session pursuant to California Government Code 11126(a) regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of an employee.

Closed Session, if necessary, regarding pending litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 11126(e).Return to open session and announce action taken in closed session, if any.

VI.  Approve FY 13/14 Assessment Rate
VII. Approve FY 13/14 Budget
VIII. Administrative / Other Business
     A. Shifts in California Milling and Baking Market
         i.Proposed Merger of ConAgra/Cargill/CHS Flour Business
         ii.Entry into CA market by Flowers Foods
     B. CDFA Handler List Request
     C. 2013 Election Process
     D. Formation of Nominating Committee, Other Committee Adjustments
     E. Assessments on Triticale Grain

IX.  CAWG Report
     A.Commodity Classic / NAWG Changes
     B.Research Fly-In
     C.Issues Update - Nick Matteis

X.   Future Meetings
     A.CWC/CRMB Baking Demo - April 16 at CWC Lab
     B.Kings/Tulare Field Day - April 30
     C.UCD Field Day - May 15
     D.USW Summer Board Meeting - June 29-July 2
     E.Commission Meeting - August 28?
     F.USW Fall Board Meeting - November 4-6

XI.  Adjournment