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USDA's 2013 Small Grain Annual Summary released

Posted on 9/30/2013


In USDA's Small Grain Annual Summary report, released today, California's 2013 wheat production was revised lower for both common and Durum wheat.  Estimated yield for wheat other than Durum decreased 6% from USDA's August Crop Production report, to 2.4 tons/acre. However, production of non-Durum wheat is 3% more than last year's final estimate.

Durum planted and harvested acreage were both lowered 25% from August, although yield was increased 5% to 3.0 tons/acre.  The net result was lower production by 22%. Durum production was down 53% from 2012's harvest.

According to USDA's projections, California's total grain production was 16% below 2012's estimate.

California Wheat Historical Production History can be viewed on the Statistics page in the Grower's section of the website.

USDA 2013 Small Grain Annual Summary