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CWC Wheat Bulletin

by Janice Cooper

Posted on 10/5/2010

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2010 Certified Seed Guide Available Online
The 2010 Wheat Certified Seed Dealer Buyer's Guide is available for viewing on our website here. This guide is designed to give detailed variety information to growers as they make their fall planting decisions. For further information, call the CWC office.

CWC Approves Additional Research Funding
The California Wheat Commission voted to approve $140,000 to support additional research projects, including mini-grants for farm advisors and specialists working on wheat projects; a project at UC Riverside developing optimal wheat plant root size for water and nutrient-use efficiency, and additional support for the statewide field trial program. This funding is in addition to the four year commitment of $120,000/ year to the wheat breeding program led by Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky.

Collaborator Meeting on October 20, 2010
The California Grains Foundation and UC Davis is once again organizing the Collaborator Meeting in Davis on October 20, 2010. This annual event brings together the key players in the California wheat industry to evaluate and discuss yield and quality characteristics of new wheat varieties. Breeders, farmers, millers and end users come together for one day to look at the new varieties under development by both public and private breeding programs. Samples of the durum and common wheat varieties are sent out in advance to be milled, baked into bread or made into pasta. For more information, call the CWC office.

Urban Wheat Field Brings Wheat to DC
The California Wheat Commission and the California Association of Wheat Growers joined other members of the nation's wheat industry to bring the wheat industry to the middle of the National Mall. The event, organized by the Wheat Foods Council, took place in late September and included experts in the areas of wheat growing, milling, baking and nutrition.

"We saw this event as a unique opportunity to interact with our large, mostly urban Congressional delegation and discuss issues of interest to California wheat growers," said CAWG President Jim Parsons (wheat producer from Ducor). Mike Bouris, Wheat Commissioner and wheat producer in Riverside County, said "Wheat is an important rotation crop in California. Being part of the Urban Wheat Field gave us a chance to tell our story."

Southern Sacramento Valley Small Grains Meeting
to be held October 21, 2010 8:00am-12:00pm
Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood St, Woodland, CA
Speakers will include:

Kent Brittan - "Small Grain Varieties for the So. Sac Valley - Pest Management & Adaptability"
Janice Cooper - "Wheat Industry Updates"
Dan Putnam - "Teff Production for Forage, Production Info with Diseases & Pests"
Doug Munier - "Roundup Ready Canola - A New Roadside Pest"
Oswaldo Chicaiza - "Wheat Breading for Plant Disease Resistance"
Jennie King - "Small Grains Pesticide Handling, Use Laws & Regulations"
Monica Spiller - "Marketing & Handling Organic Whole Grains"