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CWC Wheat Bulletin

by Janice Cooper

Posted on 5/6/2011

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Tulare/Kings Field Days a Success

Steve Wright, Farm Advisor Tulare and Kings County, organized three days of visits to various field trial locations, including the regional dry land wheat trials in Ducor, the small grain trials at the West Side Research Center, and wheat and triticale silage trials in Visalia. Growers, grain handlers, PCAs, and wheat breeders gathered at each location to get an update on each of the tests being conducted and see how current and new varieties are performing. For further information, contact Steve at or

Field Report / Lee Jackson:

Stripe rust has increased in severity over the last 3-4 weeks in nurseries and commercial fields throughout the Central Valley (Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valley) and surrounding areas, including dry land production regions. Much commercial acreage of the widely grown variety Joaquin has been severely affected, even in instances when two fungicide applications were made.

Several new varieties containing the Yr5/Yr15 combination of stripe rust resistant genes remain unaffected by stripe rust this season. Recently released stripe rust survey data from 2010 shows that 17 races of the stripe rust pathogen were identified from 66 collections from California last season. None of these races can overcome the resistance of either Yr5 or Yr15.

Sacramento Valley growers are suffering damage from Septoria tritici blotch (STB) in addition to stripe rust. In some cases, depending on the variety, damage from STB has been greater than that from stripe rust. The severity of stripe rust May 6, 2011 and STB on wheat this season can be viewed at the Small Grain Field Day at UC Davis on Wednesday, May 11.

Lee Jackson, who retired as the statewide small grains specialist in 2009, is taking disease notes on UC field trials. He is also a member of the California Wheat Commission.

Field Report / Khaled Bali, Farm Advisor Imperial County:

We have approximately 75,000 acres of Durum wheat in Imperial Valley this year. Wheat harvest will begin next week (mid May) and continue through mid-June. Commercial harvesting companies normally do the harvesting.

UCCE-Imperial County updated wheat production cost and practices in Imperial County. The 2011 updates are available from the UCCE-Imperial County office ( or 760-352-9474)

Project update:Wheat Fertilization Practices in Imperial Valley (Funded by the California Wheat Commission):

Three nitrogen application rates ranging from the current N application practices (350 lb/acre) to a maximum of 550 lb/acre were implemented on small plots at the University of California Desert Research and Extension Center (UCDREC) near Holtville. The effect of preplant phosphorus rates (0, 50, and 100 lb/acre) on wheat yield and protein levels were also considered. The wheat was planted in early December and the wheat plots will be harvested in late May.

UC Davis Small Grains/Alfalfa Field Day
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 8:00 am-4:30 pm

The University of California Cooperative Extension and Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis, is pleased to announce the Small Grains and Alfalfa Field Day. The purpose of this field meeting will be to take a look at and discuss research trials and crop production issues in California related to forages and cereal grains. This will include variety trials, pest and disease updates, and weed control.


8:00 Registration (Coffee and donuts)
8:15am - Noon: Small Grains Field Day
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Foundation Seed Production Program and Statistics - Richard O'Malley, Manager Foundation Seed and Certification Services
  • Issues for California Wheat, Pest and Disease Resistance Needs - Janice Cooper, California Wheat Commission
  • New UC Wheat Varieties and Wheat research grants- Jorge Dubcovsky, UCD wheat breeder
  • Departure to field tour
  • Promising UCD Lines for Future Common Wheat and Durum Wheat Variety Releases - Oswaldo Chicaiza, Wheat Breeder
  • Genetic Studies for New Traits -
    Stripe rust - Ph.D. Students Iago Lowe and Josh Hegarty
    Drought and Canopy Spectral Reflectance - PhD Student Tyson Howell
  • California Small Grain Production, Disease Report and Preventative Breeding program for Stem Rust UG99- Zewdie Abate, UCD Breeding Program
  • Barley and Oats Breeding Programs - Lynn Gallagher
  • Collaborators Quality Program - Jorge Dubcovsky-Phil Mayo, UCD wheat breeder
  • Statewide Germplasm Development and Evaluation - Wheat & Triticale, Durum, and Barley - Phil Mayo, Wheat and Barley Regional Testing Program Coordinator. With participation of breeders from private breeding companies.

Noon: BBQ Lunch

Many Thanks to CCIA for their sponsorship!!!

1:00pm - 4:30pm: Alfalfa and Forage Field Day

*Bonus: 6 CE hours

Directions: Take Hutchison Rd. about 1/3 mile west from Hwy 113 in Davis. The agronomy field headquarters will be on the south side of the road.

For more information, call Kitty Schlosser at 530-752-6979